Why do I want to sell my art?

This question has been bothering me and is the question that I seem to be avoiding.

Why do I want to sell my art?
 Is my art good enough?

I know I’m a good artist, shoot, I got trained and I practice.

I guess I want to sell my art to get the self sanctification that I want.

Oh, don’t get me wrong my life is satisfying enough, just financially it stinks. That’s why I’m working a “real”job.

Anyway, my art is good which I have been told by many people locally and on artist websites that I have joined. 

No one is purchasing a print or original.

The prices are reasonable for most artist starting out. 

I guess it is the area. 

Since, folks see me at the portrait studio they don’t consider me a professional artist.

I’m sorry, that is a sore subject.  Let me get back to my question.

I want to sell my art so I don’t have to work a regular job to be financially fit.  I can work at my own studio creating my pieces (some time doing the occasional commission piece.)

But, of course that may get too boring and automatic that I could lose interest. 

I get so side tracked sometimes with my job that my creativity get placed way down on the to do list. 

My real job satisfies the creativeness side and fulfills the financial side.

Let me get back again.

The answer to the question is I want to sell my art to have creative and financial foundation that a regular job would not be needed. 

I could create all day and bills (debts) are paid fully.

Amen, Lord Jesus, Amen.


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Published by lorgh

Loretta Nash born in Northeast Mississippi and raised/resides in West Memphis, Arkansas. Unable to afford trending coloring books, she began making her own coloring (art) books. Her first formal art class was in junior high were she exceed with high marks in portraits. She continued art classes throughout high school. During college, she didn’t declare her art major until her final semester. Feeling confident about her skills in traditional art, she began looking for a career. Her longest career to date was being a retail photographer where her art degree helped. Currently she is a substitute teacher and working towards becoming an art teacher. Always watching tv since she was young, Mrs. Nash has many influences in many genres. Trained she works in various mediums; she prefers to work in color pencils and acrylics. Her works are on online galleries, for sale. Her studio is wherever she can make art.

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