Another argument

This has been a thorn in my side for the past year. 


Well, duh!  I want to work.  Heck, I’ve worked so much that 20 years of my life was nothing but work.

  1. Fast food worker ~ 4yr
  2. Fast food worker ~ 4yr
  3. Professional Photographer ~8yr
  4. plus all those low paying job in between the long terms

Man, come on. 

I have a degree (which really doesn’t mean a thing) to be a manager/ceo something other than a low paid cashier at Wally word.

I was a low paid cashier/manager/photographer at Wally word and was asked to leave.  I was asked to leave because I was getting misunderstood and I could not use my creativity.

I’ve been crawling into a world that I can be hidden from people. 

Don’t get me wrong I like working with people, especially folks that understand me.  My weird crazy creative self.  It is me.

My child needs to go to school.  Everything that I want to place her in is either too wrong or cost too much.

All this came about because of my mother.  My daughter can go to head start a certain place because she will be a “minority” (mother-in-law.)

And since my phone is out of service she can’t go here because of a miss call.  And she can’t go here because there is a $150 application fee.


Not only did this upset me, I upset my dad and he left without staying for a visit.

This is getting so bad that I have to think of just finding some job.  This means no more church, no more painting, no more tv, and no more life other than work.  No more caring for the home or child.

It really hurts…I know it is what needs to be done…I’m just fighting it because I don’t want to have my job to be my life.

That was my life and I don’t want to be focus on that……

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