A War

The smell of sweat, hardwood, and funk filled the air.
Each boy played basketball with the strength of lions running after their prey.
The sounds of squeeking mice filled the air with the sudden booming of the ball.
Raises of praise crescent as the ball whooshes in to the net for a point.
The whistle occasionally blew as fouls and timeouts are called.
The buzzer sounds it’s joyous melody of a game well played.
Each boy sweats as if on fire struggling to catch their breaths in the aroma.
The war was over. A victorious one.
Hand shakes and congratulations fill the floor while each audience member search for their cars.
(Handwritten May 1,2013)


Published by lorgh

Loretta Nash born in Northeast Mississippi and raised/resides in West Memphis, Arkansas. Unable to afford trending coloring books, she began making her own coloring (art) books. Her first formal art class was in junior high were she exceed with high marks in portraits. She continued art classes throughout high school. During college, she didn’t declare her art major until her final semester. Feeling confident about her skills in traditional art, she began looking for a career. Her longest career to date was being a retail photographer where her art degree helped. Currently she is a substitute teacher and working towards becoming an art teacher. Always watching tv since she was young, Mrs. Nash has many influences in many genres. Trained she works in various mediums; she prefers to work in color pencils and acrylics. Her works are on online galleries, for sale. Her studio is wherever she can make art.

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