Passing of a full uncle

The passing of my full uncle is weighing heavy on my heart.

I hope that he is having fun in heaven with his mom, sisters, and one brother.

He is going to be missed.  He is better. 

Born in 1939 from my paternal grandmother and my great maternal grandfather ( She was the second wife.) he lived a long life on his farm.

In the 1980s was when he got indoor plumbing. 

I remember the breakfast one summer with the fresh milk that he just milked.

Miss you Alvin. 1/23/2012

Can Things In My Life

Can things in my life get any worse?

I just received news that our car is dead and really ain’t worth fixing.

Well that really ripped a big hole in my heart.

My heart has been breaking a little, bit by bit for the past months here lately.  We are financially strapped.  WE, I’m talking about my husband and I. 

He thinks that I’m on the internet playing around while I think I’m trying to create a business to bring in some income without going out of the house to work.

He keeps saying that I need a job.  Well, duh.  I have been looking but these minimum wage jobs don’t help me grow that just keep me as “free” labor or as a warm body. 

That’s how it feels. All those years of working and really not getting recognized as an accomplished artist.

I know I have made a lot of mistakes and this stress doesn’t make me feel any better about myself.

I know I not the best house keeper. I am trying and he has said that I’m a whole lot different that when we first got married.  I really do try.

I’m thinking that if I could sell my works like I sold photographs at Walmart than we wouldn’t be so financially stressed.  I guess this is  just a stupid idea.

Things have gotten some better.  Prayer other than mine are out and a forgiveness prayer was given.  This human nature can get me in trouble.